Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 7 - Hunstville and Decatur Alabama

WYAM-TV Interview

Suzie Wiley

Just returned from an interview with Suzie Wiley at WYAM-TV in Decatur, AL. She is a hoot, as we say in Indiana and made the interview so much fun!! I'm still laughing thinking about the conversation we had. That's what it was like, more of a conversation with your hilarious friend than an interview. I will post the interview here as soon as we recieve it. Can't wait to see it myself!!

Next stop, booksigning at LifeWay Christian from 5:00-7:00. The manager, Scott, and the employees were super! I met Betty, an avid reader of my books and she said she had come in earlier today to get a copy of Love's First Light thinking I would have such a long line that she might miss out. I laughed at that and signed all the books she brought from home. Maybe one day I will have a line out the door, Betty!

The highlight of the day was seeing Sandy and her son Jesse and Jesse's children (see pic below). Jeff (sorry you had a business trip and we didn't get to see you too!) and Sandy were my parents friends back in our Vincennes days. It was so great to see them again!!

After the signing Tony and I drove to two BAM stores for drive-by signings. I was able to sign all the stock in both stores which was so cool. And I got to meet Joy and Shenika at the big BAM store (they were kind enough to take a quick photo with me:). Thanks girls!

A big thanks to everyone who turned out today. May God bless you!!!


Keely, Jesse, Sandy, and Lex Biggs - Old friends from home!


The Hunstville LieWay Gang - Tamela, Jessica, Melanie, and Gayle

Books-A-Million - Joy and Shenika


Jesse Biggs said...

Hey, It was great seeing you guys today!! Hope the rest of your tour of the south goes well!

Keely, Jesse, Sandy, and Lex Biggs

Molly Daniels said...

Are you worn out yet? Glad you're having a great time!