Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 13 - Albany GA - Columbia SC

The Last Long Haul

Today we drove from Albany, GA to Columbia, South Carolina. Whew, I'm feeling a bit low. I'm missing my family (my boys!) my friends and neighbors and my mom and sister!! I called and 3-way talked to my sister, Jen and my mom last night. It was great! I can't imagine not having them in my life. I also miss Indianapolis!! I LOVE Indy and didn't realize how much until being gone from there for so long. I always thought I was a gypsie at heart but I think I'm getting older and love my roots now too. Tony is toast - ready to go home.

BUT - the Lord is giving us strength and grace when we walk through those doors to sign books. I believe He still has some amazing moments in store here in South Carolina. I AM TOTALLY looking forward to seeing Myrtle Beach. What a great way to end this wonderful adventure.

Here are some pics of Georgia back country (the Garmin took us on the back roads today). This land has a nostalgic feel about it of the old south. We saw cotton fields and old looking, must have been in their day, plantations. There were some small towns that looked hundreds of years old. And the trees here! They grow them in rows, like a field of oaks or maples, leading up to the plantation house. I've got to reread Gone With The Wind when I get home :-).

Met a French woman at the Albany booksigning and she bought Love's First Light (I told her not to in case I had messed up the French history - lol!). So, in her honer I will sign off now.

Chow, ya'all.



Kim said...

Hey Jamie! You hang onto that y'all in your speech! It suits you! :)

Your blogging buddy...and fan

Kenzie Michaels said...

Howdy Miz Jaymee..y'll look as if you're a-havin' the tahm of your lahfe:)

Great pics, sweetie:) I miss Indy too!!

Rel said...

Praying for you as you travel around. Preparing yourself for a tour Down Under, aren't you??!!