Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 5 - Dothan Alabama

Day 5 is a blur!

Today I had two interviews - one on TV with the wonderful Jenna Zibton of WDHN 18 ABC Tri-States Today show. Jenna is a polished professional who made me feel right at home during the interview. Next stop was a Bible bookstore, the Dove Christian Supply. The employees were very kind and welcoming. We rushed back to the hotel for an interview with Laurie McLoughlin for Internet Voices Radio "Today's Women." It was a challenging interview and Ms. McLoughlin asked questions that I hadn't been asked before. Also, she was that kind of person that made me think . . . which I loved. Her take on Love's First Light was a perspective that made me hang on her every word. It was different than mine in some ways, but that is my prayer for every book I write. I ask God to annoint, through the Holy Spirit, within the perspective of the reader (and everyone is different!) the message, the light He wants to shine to that reader. I think that is the very best part of being in the creative arts. What I see and create is just one side to that prism of split light that Christophe knows (hero in Love's First Light). Someone else will have another perspective that is just as beautiful as the color blue to one person is the color red to another. It really blows my mind.

The rest of the day is something of a blur as Tony and I are exhasted. Tomorrow we drive to Huntsville, Alabama. It's a long drive but at the end of that drive I get to see the face of one of my favorite people - my agent, Wes Yoder. I can't wait to see him!

WDHN 18 TV Interview

Segment 1 - http://dothanfirst.com/content/fulltext/?cid=71752
Segment 2 - http://dothanfirst.com/content/fulltext/?cid=71762

Jenna Zibton

Dove Cristian Supply



Donna and Jesse

LifeWay Store


Denisha, Hayze, Haddley and Nic

Elizabeth and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Alabama is a beautiful part of the country and the people are so nice. I was compelled to comment because of a recent trip to that wonderful state.

Kenzie Michaels said...

That is just sooooooo AWESOME!!!! Who booked the tour and who arranged for the interview? You came across very natural and your light is shining:)

Rel said...

Love touring with you via cyberspace - LOL!

SP said...

Hi Jamie, I'm an italian writer, I was reading some blogs and..I found you.:) Interesting blog, I will follow it with pleasure. Italo.
PS: your tour seems so exciting.
PS: you are nice :)
PSSSSS: Alabama, it's so american for us.

jamie carie said...

PR by the Book was contracted to manage the tour. Amanda has been an incredible tour manager. I would HIGHLY recommend this PR company to anyone wanting to tour!