Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Favorite Online Preacher
Introducing - Dan Backens!!

I found this WONDERFUL preacher out of Virginia Beach, Virgina who has a church (actually several in the area) called New Life Providence Chruch. Boy, can he preach it! I am subscribed to his podcast and listen every week. I can hardly wait for Monday so that I can hear his Sunday sermon. He has been preaching on being "People of the Book" and it has been a wonderful series!! I thought I would give all you faithful readers a treat and blog the link to his podcast - it's free!!


He calls his people "Charismatics with a brain!" He's absolutely hilarious and dead-on accurate! I LOVE him!! (His preaching that is:). Give it a try - it's well worth the forty minutes!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrity Hair!!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with Jennifer Lopez locks or Jessica Alba's do? Well now you can find out!! I found this really fun, incredibly easy website where you can download a photo of yourself and then choose hairstyles from hundreds of celebs to try. You can even change the color and add highlights! So if you like Katherine Heigl's elegant up-sweep, but look terrible as a platinum blond (like I did) you can change it to red, a rich brown or even black if you want to.

The site comes from InStyle Magazine's website. Here it is: www.instyle.com/hair

I liked one style so much that I recently had my bangs cut short (scary, but I'm getting used to it and everyone loves it)!

Have fun!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do You Scrapbook?

I am an on-again, off-again scrapbooker. Last Christmas, I made albums for several relatives and vowed - never - ever - to - scrapbook - again! But now that it has been over a year since I dabbled in double sided sticky tape, die-cuts and silly stickers, I feel almost ready to take the plunge again. To help me get into the scrapping mood, I read a wonderfully fun book about four sisters who scrapbook together by Rebeca Seitz. It's called Sisters, Ink.

Sisters, Ink kicks off with “Big City Sister” Tandy’s forced leave of absence from the Orlando law firm of Meyers, Briggs, and Stratton due to an ethical issue that she believes could comprise herself, as well as her firm and her client’s case.

Tandy makes the best of her “vacation” and heads home to the tiny town of Stars Hill, Tennessee for a long-overdue reunion with her adopted sisters – Joy, the baby; Meg – the steady one; and Kendra, the artist. Yet, when she arrives, it’s more than the sisters she encounters. Former high school love Clay Kelner is back in town as well, several years of Marine Corps service behind him. Now the owner of the local diner, Clay’s hard to ignore – despite Tandy’s commitment to do so.

With Daddy’s country wisdom and the sisters’ advice spilled out over the scrapping table in Momma’s scrapping studio, Tandy’s life is a whirlwind of emotion and reconciliation. All she wanted was a short trip home. What she gets instead is anything but.

Seitz explains that as the series continues, each of the four sisters will take center stage. “By dedicating each novel in the series to one sister as the main storyline, I hope to give readers the opportunity to really know each character. Since all four were adopted, they each come from different social and ethnic backgrounds. Yet, they have found a commonality as siblings and as women that draws them together.” Each character in Seitz’s novels will go on to share their scrapping personalities and ideas with readers at http://www.sistersink.net/.

So, if you are interested in scrapbooking, women's friendships and just plain fun, pick up Sisters Ink!