Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Favorite Online Preacher
Introducing - Dan Backens!!

I found this WONDERFUL preacher out of Virginia Beach, Virgina who has a church (actually several in the area) called New Life Providence Chruch. Boy, can he preach it! I am subscribed to his podcast and listen every week. I can hardly wait for Monday so that I can hear his Sunday sermon. He has been preaching on being "People of the Book" and it has been a wonderful series!! I thought I would give all you faithful readers a treat and blog the link to his podcast - it's free!!


He calls his people "Charismatics with a brain!" He's absolutely hilarious and dead-on accurate! I LOVE him!! (His preaching that is:). Give it a try - it's well worth the forty minutes!

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Terri said...

Hello! I just wanted to jump in and say WOW! This is my pastor and he is awesome! :) I'm so glad you found him online. If you are ever in our area ... stop by!