Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Copyright 2006 Elena Feliciano


Yeah! It's finally Spring! Here's a fun poem I wrote for Spring.

Ode to the Spring Shoe

Fun and flirty, pattern curvy
Ballerina sweet, flat feet
Beaded toes or tiny sweet bows
Home – slippers – cozy treat

Leather and suede, sashay raid
Swishing skirts, major flirts
Wedges in florals and mints and corals
Sassy sandals – painted toe feat

Girly and twirly, clunky and chunky
Python, croc, real and moc
Metal and stone, from black to bone
Young and old, ensemble complete

Church classic, Easter time basket
Cotton candy, Barbie-doll fancy
Textures unfurl on a good little girl
Mothers and daughters, head to toe treat

Sling-backs and strappy, energy sappy
The pump, the grind, the 5 o’clock mind
Pointy or round, that click-clacking sound
Bold and cold, power feet

Toes peeping out, round walk-about
Vampy high-flying, cute low-sighing
Heads turning, instep burning
The one hour moment, disco dancy beat

Thong sexy, racy – colors gone crazy
Credit card maxing, Rodeo Drive trancing
Stiletto, heart racing, long-leg chasing
A night to turn up the heat.