Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saving Lindsay Lohan

Earlier this week as I spun up my MSN homepage, I saw the mug shot of Lindsay Lohan. The look in her eyes made my heart drop. Oh, my dear, I thought with sudden tears pricking my eyes. I read the article which, after giving the details of her arrest, stated that jail may be her only salvation.

As a Christian you would think I would have some answers for her. Some pat Christian phrase that might reach in and rescue her.
But I don't.
I don't know if I'm jaded and tired of hearing the cliches of quick fixes, or if I've just seen too much. When I have seen God's hand working (or the times when He seems silent) it's rarely what I might have expected to believe He would do. The God I hear about and the God I see in action are often too very different Beings.

There is this one thing that I know: I have a love for her that wells up in me everytime I hear her name. I don't know this beautiful, young woman. I probably never will, but for some reason, God wants me involved. The only tool at my disposal is prayer.

So I am publically pledging to pray for her every day for the next few months (more if I feel I'm not finished). I don't know what to pray, I don't know how to heal and restore her, but God does. And all He is asking me to do is spill out a little of myself on her behalf.


Gina Conroy said...

My heart breaks over her as well. I still remember the sweet little girl in parent trap!

tim said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! It pains me to hear christians rail against hollywood as though this is some big surprise that they, (gasp!) SIN. Get over it. Get on your knees and fight for their souls. Lindsay Lohan has such a place in my heart that I too have lifted her up before the Lord on many occasions. She will come around. Until then, we keep loving her and all the rest not unlike Jesus who spent 95% of His ministry with (gasp!) sinners! We need to be light and salt, not gasoline and matches@!!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Thanks for addressing this. I did on my blog too.


Jennifer said...

Good post. I really liked the response from Tim. I love how he totally put in perspective the fact that many Christians seem to judge and put down with their words the people in this world that are lost. Jesus never did that. What is that scripture, out of the heart the mouth speaks??? Looks like some Christians hearts are filled anger, but it in not of the righteous kind.