Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Beautiful Spirit

Have you ever had contact with someone on email or through the internet and wondered what they might be like in person? Will they be different? Will enough of their personality translate from the written to the verbal, the face-to-face with all its expression, body-language and connection that you recognize? Will they be as cool? As funny? As sweet . . .will they (and you) have that same voice that you've had online?

I think this is a common question in these days of email, texting and websites. Recently, I've experienced this anomaly over and over. It's so great to finally see their face, to meet the person behind the words. If you excel at the written word (like me) more than the verbal (I hate the phone), then you know that feeling of hoping not to disappoint.

Mary DeMuth does not disappoint.

While at ICRS, my husband and I were wandering down the aisles and I saw her. I whispered to Tony, "I think that's Mary DeMuth!"
"Go say hi."
"I'm not sure it's her."
Tony steered me around so that we could see her name badge.
Sure enough, it was her.
Oh great. I like to think of myself as an extrovert, but really, I'm plagued with doubts in social settings. Should I approach her?

She was leaning over a trash can (closed lid!) and looking over some notes. I was loathe to disturb her moment of thought. But, with Tony's encouragement (pushing me physically toward her, Ha!) I walked over and said, "Mary, hi, I'm Jamie Carie."

The name is still a bit rusty for me. It's my maiden name and not used until these books have been published. She looked up and smiled. We spoke and the fact that she remembered our few emails and my fewer posts on her WONDERFUL blog, floored me. Then we had a nice chat about her book and the experience at ICRS.

All of my nervous energy dissolved within her peaceful presence. I can say, first-hand, that she is as authentic in person as she is online.

This is no small thing.

This speaks of maturity and grace in the Lord, and a genuine love for God's people. She is truly one of those who has a grace and a peace about her. But an intensity too. Something that God gave her, some purpose that is being spilled forth into these books that she writes.

Her work is beautiful. Fiction, such as "Watching the Tree Limbs" which I had to read slowly, allowing God to do his work in my heart as I read it, and her non-fiction, this new book, Authentic Parenting in Postmodern Curlture are testamonies to her range of thought and artistry. Her face, like that one we see in her photo, is lovely. . . her spirit is beautiful. She is God's handmaiden for this time and this place and we can only soak in all that He has given her . . . for us.

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Thanks for such lovely, sweet words. I'm humbled!

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