Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Time at the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous!

We had a blast as reenactors at the rendezvous. I saw people I haven't seen in years, met many new friends and sold a lot of books! The funniest stories involved the "rat man" Silas Moore. He walked around with a giant rat in his cage and talked to kids in character. He claimed to have found the rat in the food court and then asked my sister to marry him. Jen is terrified of rats and called him repulsive, running back and shielding her eyes with her hand to ward him off. That only made him more determined to have her! He explained that he had 140 acres in Kentucky and as his first wife had run off (taking their thirteen children with her) he was ready to start on the second thirteen. It was too funny!! Other reenactors throughout the day ran up to our lean-to and asked, "Is it true? Are you really going to marry the rat man?"

Rat Man's wife meets Jen!

One of my readers stopped by from Olney, IL - Wilma Cotterell. She told me to write faster and make my books longer - ha!

At the end of the event I drew ten names for a free copy of Wind Dancer! And the winners are!
  • Harold Edwards
  • Christina Brothers
  • Teri Brewer
  • Evan Wildebrand
  • Hanna Wise
  • Linda Werling
  • Caroline Sumner
  • Laura Branson
  • Nelda Judge
  • Marcia Henson

A big thanks to everyone who stopped at my "lean-to" and a special thank you to Junior Fischer for allowing me to attend and to Leo for, well, everything!

God bless you all!



Kim said...

What a perfect setting for you and WIND DANCER!!! PERFECT!! Thanks for sharing!


Rel said...

How gorgeous are you in your costume?! How could Jen turn such a fine catch down?


Molly Daniels said...

Really enjoyed seeing you again, and I LOVED Wind Dancer! Finished reading it Monday night:)