Friday, May 15, 2009

Eye Opening

I have been working on the discussion questions for my fifth book, Angel's Den, and delving deeper into the topic of domestic violence. I found this article on verbal abuse that was pretty eye opening! I also found an article titled Biblical Battered Wife Syndrome: Christian Women and Domestic Violence that raises all sorts of questions and issues. What do you think about abused women leaving their spouses to seek help and/or divorce?
Oh, and isn't this book cover great?? I just saw it this week. A big thanks to Diana Lawrence over at B&H for another fantastic job!!!


Molly Daniels said...

Hot topic, Jamie! My 4th book covers this issue, one I personally dealt with. And unfortunately am still dealing with it.

While I don't advise leaving at the 1st sign of verbal abuse, I DO recommend counseling and praying the abuser is sincere when s/he expresses contrition. Otherwise, by all means; leave to show you're serious about wanting the other to get help or risk losing you.

Love the cover! Looking forward to seeing you next week:)

Deborah said...

We heard you had another one coming out this week at work. It got us all excited...can't wait!

Rel said...

OOOOOO!!!Lovely :)

jamie carie said...

Molly - sorry to hear you've had experience with this. It's really a tough circumstance! Will you be at the rendezvous? I thought you were coming up to Indy for the race? It will be great to see you though!
Thanks Deborah! Great to hear!!
Rel you crack me up!!!

Molly Daniels said...

I'm not going north until late Saturday. Am planning to come to Rendezvous, since no one ever seems to remember to bring me a buffalo burger:)

And gotta see how you manage a quill and ink...have you been practicing?

Kim said...

5th novel...ahhhh!! I love the sound of that!! I'm sneaking a peek into your June release and...WOW!! Not quite a third of the way in and I'm blown away!


The cover IS beautiful and I bet your expression of this very difficult topic will be spectacular too!