Sunday, March 08, 2009

Too Funny!!

My husband has become addicted to Facebook of late and has been chatting with some of his high school classmates. Somehow they found out about my books and Dwayne Cooper made a Top Ten List - Reasons why guys should not read my books - ha! I laughed so hard I cried!! Thanks Dwayne!

And here it is:

Top 10 reasons why Dwayne should think twice before reading a Christian romance novel:

1. Goodbye SUV + bass boat. Hello horse carriage + gondola!

2. Hank Williams Jr. + bluegrass gospel will lose playtime to Celine Dion + Yanni.

3. Instead of vacations w/buddies to Tennessee River, how about romantic bed n' breakfast on the Cape w/wife?

4. Eating out at Cracker Barrel loses favor to fancy schmancy French restaurants.

5. I'll finally give in and allow the family to buy a cat and we'll probably call it "Fabio".

6. Goodbye Indiana house overlooking fishing pond. Hello highrise overlooking downtown Chicago's Magnificent Mile.

7. My "Bass Pro Shop" catalog will be replaced with a Bloomingdales catalog.

8. Instead of my mug landing on the cover of Bassmaster magazine, I'lll end up on the cover of GQ.

9. Can you say no more Friday night dates with the wife to Lowes or WalMart?

10. Bc I'll likely give up the practice of law and start writing romance novels of my own!!!

Dwayne - bass fisherman meets tackle store owner. She's wearing a camo t-shirt and kacki shorts and handles worms without a blink. He's looking for a parts store for his broken down Mercury 300. She shurgs, pulls out a wrench from her back pocket and suggests that she can fix it. Huh? huh? You could be a romance author yet!!

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Rel said...

Great list, Dwayne. I can see the romantic side of you shining all the way across the Pacific! LOL!