Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Quick News Update

I have been in writer's cave mode preparing book five for my April 1st deadline but I wanted to share some quick news.

  • Wind Dancer will be in 2500 WalMart stores across the nation!! The test marketing went well, so they have decided to carry it (this is huge!). Please check your local WalMart store in the coming weeks! I'm so excited about this!! You can also buy it online at CBD or Amazon. I would love more reviews on these two sites! If you have read Wind Dancer (or any of my books) and have the time/inclination to post a review, please do!

  • Cara Putman (a wonderful writer friend) reviewed Wind Dancer and her review brought tears to my eyes. You can read it here.

  • Another great review at TitleTrakk.

  • The docs took my sling off and I am going to last hand therapy appointment today - yippee!!

  • Visited my son, Jordan, at IU last Saturday. Fun Photos below.


Molly Daniels said...

Sounds like you're doing well, Jamie:) Congrats on getting Wind Dancer into Walmart!

Shannon said...

Just finished Wind Dancer last night...LOVED it! I popped on here to find out when the next one is coming out. :) I can't wait for June now!

P.S. Are you going to explore a little further the characters of Hope, Joseph and Adam from Wind Dancer? Just curious how all of that is going to end. :)

Kim said...

Great news Jamie! I'm so excited for you!! Glad to have my review posted already!

I sure look forward to the next book!

Window To My World

Annabell said...

i have read "snow angel," "the duchess and the dragon," and just two weeks ago, "wind dancer"...i love your writing and hope to be a Christian fiction writer myself some day, if that is what the Lord has planned for my life!! [=

Deborah said...

Jamie, I just wanted to say that I have read all your books and they are all wonderful. Wind Dancer is my fav! It should be a movie...and I told Julie Gwinn that.

I've reviewed all you books on my blog. Nothing fancy, but I thought I would share with you.