Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Contest Held Over! You Still Have Time . . .

It's here! The big contest where you could win a $150 gift certificate for a dress like this one from www.edressme.com (you get to pick the dress) and a signed copy of Wind Dancer! All you have to do is tell me how/where you think Samuel and Isabelle would meet if they had their first encounter today.

In my version, Isabelle, her brother Julian, and their guide are taking cover from a nasty thunderstorm under a tree in the forest. Lightning strikes a tree close by causing Isabelle to scream. Samuel is walking through a nearby clearing when he hears the scream and heads toward them to investigate. He circles around to the back of the threesome and then Isabelle suddenly turns and points her long rifle straight at his heart. Isabelle demands he come forward and interrogates him. Samuel finds himself both repelled and fascinated by her fierce boldness. There is some heated banter between them and then Julian steps in to rescue Samuel from his sister's brazen manners. Instant chemistry!

Now it's your turn. How and where might they meet today? Just click on comments at the end of this post and type your answer in the box that pops up. If you don't have an eblogger account you can choose anonymous but then be sure to add your name in the post so that I can reach you if you win! If that seems too confusing you can always email me at jamie@ jamie carie.com (no spaces!) and I will post it for you.

The judges:
Jim Rubart - http://www.jimrubart.com/ (He has a wonderful book coming out soon called ROOMS!)

Julie Gwinn - B&H Publishing's Marketing Maven (I just call her Supergirl!!)

Twila Belk - The Gotta Tell Somebody Gal! (One of the warmest, kindest people I've ever met!)

This contest will be up until Thursday, February 19th. One week to go!! God bless!


Angi said...
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Angi said...

I think if it took place today, Samuel would be at Starbucks, ordering a Grande, 2 pump Vanilla, Non-Fat, Extra Hot, Latte from her brother Julian behind the counter. Without warning the teenager behind him in line pulls out his gun, points it at Julian and demands the cash from the register. At that moment, Isabelle emerges from the bathroom, accesses the situation, slips her pepper spray from her purse and sprays the teen in the face. Samuel then jumps on the guy and everyone is safe. Instant bonding! To top it all off - Julian serves Starbucks on the house to everyone!

jamie carie said...

Posting for Leo:

Samuel would be a forest ranger at Garden Of The gods Wilderness Area in Southern Illinois. He is on the trail of poachers who outnumber him and out gun him with their highpowered rifles against his pistol. Isabelle is a lover of God's nature out in the park with her city slicker brother to get some balance in her life with her unique way of communicating with Him in the woods. Samuel comes across her camp first and witnesses the dance she is doing in the wind. The poachers arrive and after an intense struggle kidnap her and her brother. Coming to, Samuel picks up their trail and.....well you know the rest.

angela said...

I haven't read Wind Dancer yet, but I love the dress, so here goes...

Isabelle is working as a stunt woman and Samuel is the whitewater rafting coordinator for the movie she is filming. Samuel doesn't know that Isabelle is performing a stunt, and he tries to rescue her when she flies out of the raft. He ruins the action scene but realizes that with the chemistry felt when she is in his arms, they could create their very own love scenes. Isabelle feels it too and offers to teach Samuel how to do a flip on his wakeboard so she can get to know him better.

Goodness, I wish I was more like Isabelle.

rachel said...

I'm not much of a writer but I'll give this a try. I think Isabelle would be out horseback riding enjoying the sunset when her horse gets spooked by a snake. He bucks her off and heads for the woods. As Isabelle ays there thinking what she should do and worrrying about the approaching darkness, she hears hoofbeats in the distance. Not one set, but two. Then in the distance a horse and rider approaches leading another horse. As they come closer, Isabelle recognizes her horse and tries to stand, but her legs buckle beneath her. The rider comes nearer and asks if she's okay.
Isabelle tries to stand up again and this time Samual jumps off his horse and hurries to her side... so that's how they met---the rest is history.