Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sob Night - This One Is For The Girls!

Tonight I watched Extreme Home Makeover and THEN the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "Loving Leah."

Yeah, it was a double hitter.

With a husband and three sons there are times that I have to warn them . . . "I'm planning to cry my eyes out for the next three hours, so if you need me, there better be blood or the house on fire, cause' basically, leave me alone while I have my crying time.

Tony, bless his analytical heart, hides in the office playing on the Mac. The boys scurry off to their bedrooms, and I? I get my monster box of Kleenex out, settle myself deep within the down covers of my bed and press play.

You know, I always wanted a daughter, someone who would cuddle up next to me in these moments and we could cry onto each other's shoulders at the beauty of RELATIONSHIPS being played out by reality TV and a good ol' fashioned romance on the Hallmark Channel. But I have friends with daughters . . . and I have seen that it's not quite that cozy and easy. So I'm thankful for my comforting box of lotion tissue, I'm thankful they (the men in my house!) are a little afraid of me when I'm in this mode and that they leave me to my tears - alone!

There's nothing like a good three hours worth of crying time, is there? I feel a little sorry for men. They have to be so strong and manly all the time :-) They don't know our secret. That, sometimes, a lot of times, it feels really good to be so vulnerable and, well, the shoulder-shaking-sob-filled bliss of it all.

Sometimes, it just feels good to be a girl.

Tomorrow - my biggest contest ever. I am so excited!!!!

Love to you all,



Rel said...

LOL! Love it, Jamie :) I'll come and cry with you one day ;-)

Cathy said...

True. Plus, that's what we have our girlfriends for. The boys see that we NEED our girlfriend time, else we cry on them.

Julie Carobini said...

The older of my two daughters, a teen, sobs her eyes out every time she sees The Notebook--about a gazillion times. She gets that from my side of the fam...

So, you go :)