Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Writing Class

I just got home from teaching a writing lesson to my son's third grade class. They were SO cute! I had wondered if I could fill the thirty minutes - ha! That was no problem! They had so many questions, were so sweet and curious about being a novelist and, in the end, reminded me how blessed I am to have this job.

With all the economic turmoil going on in our county, I find myself especially thankful and filled with gratitude for the people out there buying books. Some days this writing life feels more like a job than a ministry (a job I love! I'm not complaining) but as I prayed about it today, and then taught this class, God reminded me that He has plans for my books. They aren't mine!! Sometimes I forget that and take on the whole burden onto my own shoulders. It feels incredibly freeing to be reminded (again!) that He has everything under control and that His plans will be made manifest. Once again, all I have to do is have faith.

So a big thank you to anyone buying my books! I believe God will bless you beyond measure as you read them.

Wind Dancer will be out in less than a month! I can't wait to hold the final copy in my hands. It's the same feeling with every book and doesn't diminish in excitement at all! You can pre-order a copy on CBD or Amazon today!


Molly Daniels said...

Yay:) Did I tell you how much I enjoyed Duchess?

Merry Christmas:)

Cathy said...

I really enjoyed getting to know you last night. I was even more excited to discover all your stories are Faith-based. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Snow Angel. I loved the book -- I could NOT put it down. My family and I live in Greenfield, Ind. it was neat to see that you are from Indianapolis! I grew up there...

Thanks for your inspirational writing! Can't wait to read your second book!!

Amy --

jamie carie said...

Thanks Amy! My parents live in Greenfield, so I am there pretty often! So glad you liked Snow Angel!

Aleasa said...

I'm just staring to read "Snow Angel". What caught my interest was to learn you were from Vincennes, Indiana. We live closeby. My daughter attends the university there (English major) and is interested in writing. Any insights you could give about your writing career?

Anonymous said...

I have my picks for the movie Wind Dancer

Samuel - Joaquin Phoenix
Isabelle - Jennifer Love Hewitt

I would love it see this book as a go girl.