Monday, November 03, 2008

Fall 2008 - NEWSLETTER

Wind Dancer Hits Stores In Two Months!

Raised in the small frontier town of Vincennes, Isabelle Renoir longs for a life of purpose and meaning. She dreams of the day when she can escape the simple life and embrace the feeling that she is destined for something rare and wonderful. Unable to fit in with the women around her, Isabelle feels more at home in the woods with her long rifle grasped in her right hand and a wicked-looking knife tied up under her skirts. Escape turns tragic, though, when her first true adventure leads her into a trap. She wakes to a nightmare: Wounded and alone, her brother is missing, as is the man who has joined them, a stranger named Samuel that she can't seem to forget.

One of the Long Knives of the great George Rogers Clark, Samuel Holt is a guardian, protecting and providing for the scattered Colonial forts dotting the Northwest Territory. He keeps his scalp attached with finely honed skills in weaponry, stealth, and cunning. When war becomes inevitable, Samuel joins friend Clark in taking the important posts along the great Ohio River. He hadn't planned falling in love again anytime soon, but then he never imagined Isabelle, a raven-haired temptress who dances in the moonlight. But in this man, with his golden hair and piercing amber eyes, Isabelle has met her match. And when the Shawnee take them prisoner, intent on assimilating them into their tribe, both must rise up to meet their greatest challenge and plumb the depths of their faith. Together they might be able to escape captivity-captivity of body and captivity of soul.

This book was one of the most difficult I've ever written. Isabelle is one of those people who know who they are - their created self - and is determined to live that out. But God allows her to go through some really hard things in order to build her back up in the way that He wants her. The strength she has at the beginning of the book becomes a beautiful masterpiece that He made "in His image" for eternity. For me, it is a gripping and challenging tale that God is using in my own life, reminding me of the safety and completion that comes in surrendering (total and complete) to Him. Check out the book trailer and more info on Wind Dancer at

Pre-order Wind Dancer today at Amazon CBD LifeWay and your local bookstores!

Congratulations to our August, September and October winners of a copy of The Duchess and the Dragon . And the winners are:
Audrey Larson
Lisa Gordon
Eva Silkka
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I'm really excited about the book The Love Dare . My husband and I have been married for twenty years and honestly, we have a pretty solid marriage. God intervened on our behalf to get us together (it's a pretty amazing story and someday I'm sure I will write about it) but we've had our difficulties over the years too. When I came back from the BAM (Books A Million) convention I had two copies of this book with me. We started doing the devotionals/dares last week and wow! It's been eye-opening for both of us. It's like looking into a truth mirror and seeing all the selfishness and pride and fear looking back.
Some of the dares have been encouraging, like the one on jealousy. We have been each other's greatest cheerleader and have encouraged each other in our goals and dreams. So that wasn't too painful. Others have been challenging, like the appreciation room vs. the deappreciation room. I have to admit to writing past failures on the walls and bringing those up (out of my fear) when we are heading into a decision or direction that didn't turn out so well in the past. For me, it always goes back to the same thing: Am I going to trust God to take care of my emotions in the face of sin (mine or his) or am I going to try to control a situation so that I don't risk getting hurt. How liberating to trust God completely in the good and bad! And how difficult!
Lately, the Lord has been showing my how His joy can be my strength. Nehemiah 8:10 "This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength." I pray that the Lord will fill us with his joy and that we all might live in that strengthened place in Him.
  • Jamie wins scholarship through the Cec Murphey Publicity Scholarship : I am blown away by God's provision and plans for this next book! God has blessed me with a publicity scholarship worth $5,000.00!! Cec Murphey is the author (with Don Piper) of the bestseller, 90 Minutes in Heaven , and many other books. He has an amazing heart for the Lord and is a wonderful speaker too! His website is
  • New Friends: In winning the publicity scholarship, I have had the great pleasure to meet Twila Beck and Jim Rubart. Jim has a book coming out next year entitled ROOMS. I've read the first half and can hardly put it down. Aside from being a great fictional novelist, Jim is a marketing expert. You can read the blog he shares with Laura Chritianson at for solid, smart advise "that'll help you polish your writing, blogging and marketing skills."
  • Favorite Fan Email for this month is . . . “Dear Jamie, I have been listening to The Duchess and the Dragon on audio during my commute this week. Before I proceed, let me tell you that I'm an avid reader who has tended to stay away from Christian fiction because of my frustration with the lack of good stories. Lately, I've been convicted to only spend my time with things that edify me so I've tried again. A co-worker has always talked so passionately about your books, and recently another good friend of mine described Duchess as "unbelievable" so I thought I'd give it a shot. I have thoroughly enjoyed it -- I sit out in my car long after I get home just to keep listening. I look forward to reading "Wind Dancer" as well. Great Job Jamie! Lauralin
  • B&H Fiction: Check out the great fiction from my publisher B&H at their new fiction portal here -
  • Wind Dancer in Walmart: I've heard a rumor that Wind Dancer might make it into Walmart stores sometime this spring! Please be praying with me for this! It would be HUGE!
  • New and improved website . . . again! Visit and let me know what you think! Lots more content and a poll!
  • Love's First Light - I just turned in my forth book to my publisher, B&H. It will be out June 2009. The cover is stunning! My favorite so far!! The book trailer will be on my website in the next week - check it out!
Please help spread the word! If you enjoy my books, please tell your family and friends! And forward this newsletter on to anyone you think might be interested in reading inspirational, historical fiction! Grass roots - word of mouth - marketing is the BEST! Thanks so much!!!


snowowl551 said...

It has been way too long since I have visited your blog. I have checked out the trailer for Wind Dancer and cannot wait for it to come out! It's so cool that you set it in Vincennes!
From the sounds of your blog, you have been one very busy lady! Don't forget to take a little time to slow down and relax.
Blessings on all you do,

Annabell said...

I cannot wait for these two books to come out! I love your books! God bless!! ^_^