Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shoes and Flowers and a Few of my Favorite Things...

Okay, if you know me at all, you know that I LOVE beauty.

I'm the kind of girl that compliments everyone around me about something. To some people, this may seem as some kind of false flatery, some brown-nosing effort . . . but NO! Let me assure you that (if I've ever complimented you!) I SEE YOUR BEAUTY!!

I see it everywhere: In a friend's smile, the color of their lipstick, the way their whole face lights up with laughter, eyes tearing, or a classy outfit, the texture of the fabric, the put-together accessories, the color that shows off a face. Your home decor, how you have carefully arranged the mantle, the candlesticks and the paintings and the color of the walls. I notice these things in seconds of entering a room. I sense the mood you've created and I can't help but comment on it.

I love a toddler's chubby thighs, the way their stomachs protroud and hang out without a care in the world. Or a plate of artfully arranged food (that I can't wait to destroy to eat!) but pause to memorize its elegant setting. The sunset that I pull my Wii playing boys to the window and say, "See! Do you see that?"

Flowers: The texture and rich color of a rose or the delicate petals of a daisy, the feel of a straw-flower agasint my finger tips as I water it.

I love a phrase, whether spoken or written, that leaves me agast with glee, or a caught moment when some music is playing and I catch my husband's eyes. I love a sleek car, a hot-rod, my eyes following and admiring as it takes the curve ahead of us. How about a wedding, there is nothing like a bride's smile - a groom's pride. Or a beauty of another kind, the sad, pressed down, melting of a funeral.

Then, there's the poem, encompassing it all. And SONG . . . especially song. The whole world loves a song.

And then, there is paintings . . . paintings that catch and hold for us a moment of caught time.

And so, please allow me to introduce you to Elena Feliciano . . . one of my favorite artists . . . an artist of beauty.

You can find her complete porfolio at:


VAIL said...

Love her art! Please stop by my blog when you get a minute, I nominated you for a "nice matters award".

Jennifer said...

As your sister I can safely say that you truly do find beauty in things and in everyone. I have learned that from you through the years and have demonstrated it onto others. Because of this people have said to me, I noticed you find the good in people and compliment them all the time. I say, with joy in my heart, “I learned that from my sister.” Then when I see them practicing the same efforts of finding beauty in others, I see the gift that God has given you spread like wildfire.
I think that is why your home and your garden, but above all you, are so beautiful. God blesses those who give love, and praise Him for his artwork.

Jones 5 said...

thank you for the inspirational blog...and for sharing the art!
I enjoyed both :)