Monday, April 27, 2009

Gotta Love Him
He looks so sweet doesn't he? And Seth is!! But Thursday he tried to lift his brother's Buick!! Yes, a car . . . a very big and heavy car!

He hurt his back and had to rest all weekend. Thank God he is improving as I heard a story once about some guys (plural!) that tried to lift a car and ended up with lifelong back pain. My first reaction to hearing Seth had pulled this stunt was anger and fear. I prayed through it, but what is it about children that make them act without thinking? I guess the Bible verse about "foolishness being bound up in the heart of a child" explains what science has said. Their brains are not fully developed (I heard this from Dr. Dobson) and they can't reason through all of the consequences of their actions before they do something. Must be why God made them so flexible and able to heal quickly. Praise God I think he is going to be okay!!

That must mean that by the time we are aged and our bodies take so much longer to heal we should have gained some wisdom, right? Lesson of the week for us - think before you act/speak.


Molly Daniels said...

Glad he's improving:)

Rel said...

Boys, eh?!!! Glad to know Seth is doing well :)

J. said...

...I can't honestly say it surprised me that Seth tried to lift a car, who was he showing off to? But I am seriously concerned….

Please tell me the car isn't damaged. Did he manage to pull anything apart?

jamie carie said...

LOL! J. Seth is fine (thank God) and the giant Buick bomb doesn't even realize it was trying to be lifted. The frustrating thing is that he hurt his wrist and right side skateboarding this weekend. SIGH. I should take out stock in Ibuprophen!