Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Making of the
Romance Novel Cover

Romance novel covers have changed so much since I began reading them in the late 1970's. Remember the bodice ripper covers? Fabio? Brunette Fabio? I was embarrassed to take them out in public! Then, the pub houses got smart and realized that more people would risk the stigma of reading a good romance if the covers didn't look so trashy. But enough women must have decried the lack of eye candy and, for a while, they came to a compromise. The outside cover now held a flower or a ring or some benign article from the story. (Remember the peek-a-boo cutouts? Ha!) But open the cover and there for your viewing enjoyment was Fabio, shirtless and brandishing a sword! Ah, the good old days.

Now covers seem to run the gauntlet of sweet to steamy. Of course, B&H and the lovely Diana Lawrence are doing a superb job with my books! I can't wait to see what my third book's cover, just titled WIND DANCER, will look like!

To learn more about the process check out this video on creating romance novel covers by Better.TV http://better.tv/bettertv/?cid=507869917&lid=1328166604&tid=1493152359

TO KISS A SPY by Jane Feather is one of my favs. What's your favorite cover of all time?

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Jessica said...

Wow, so funny and true. Congrats on the Rita final.