Friday, January 18, 2008

B&H Fiction Rocks!

I just signed my second three-book deal for B&H Publishing!! I am so blessed to be working with such wonderful editors - David Webb and the renowned Karen Ball who make my work shine. I'm working on the fourth book now - Scarlett and Christophe's story. It is set in France during the French Revelution in the 1780's. Here's a little peak - the sentence that got me started:

"She whirled around - long, dark cape and glorious hair, flowers still clutched in her hand. Christophé’s gaze dropped from her frightened face to her rounded stomach and then the grave stone that glared chalk white in the mist behind her."

Can a count fall in love with a woman who is eight months pregnant with another man's child? It will be a sweeping tale of a love that must be fought for. Pray God will give me the words!

Many blessing to you all and your dreams for 2008!!!!



Angi said...

Awesome! Looking forward to reading them all!

Karen B. said...

And we're totally blessed to have you in our fiction line! Love working with you, love your writing.

Hey, love you!

Karen Ball

Rel said...

Fantastic, Jamie! I studied 18th Century History as my major at Uni so I can't wait for this one :)

jamie carie said...

Rel, I may need some research help with this one, girl! I'm struggling with the layout of Paris and the physics of the time. Want to meet me in Paris???

Julie Carobini said...

So I know this is an older post, but I just found you. I too signed on with B&H (recently), and I'm looking forward to getting to know other authors in the line up! Congrats :)

Rel said...

Ahh...Paris ~ here we come!!!!

It's going to be great, Jamie - the book although a trip to Paris would be fabulous - love to go back one day. I do great research - hehehe!!!