Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!
What a lovely time and what lovely people I had the opportunity to meet over the last few weeks at book signings across Indiana! Some were slow and some were busy, but they were all a great match for me! Thanks to all the owners, manager and employees of the stores for your graciousness! And to all the people who came and bought a book!

Here are a few photos:
My good friend Sherri and I at BAM (Books A Million)
Living Truth Bookstore in Noblesville. Brenda (next to me)
has such a ministry there and her employees were so kind!
Judy with my best friend since Jr. High - Lisa
Aunt Ann, me and my cousin's friend
Lisa, Judy, Ann, Candice, Me and my mom-in-law
Bible Bookstore in Vincennes, Indiana
The Bible Bookstore gang and me - Chad has
such a nice store!
The Open Door in Terre Haute. Lynette actually
came to see me! She said she bought Snow Angel
from CBD and loved it, then saw that I was doing
a signing and asked if she could bring in her book
for me to sign. She was so sweet!
Wonderful ladies at The Open Door (I've got
to remember to write down names next time!)

Eric, me and Mike - cool guys that came all the
way from Olney, IL to see me. Thanks!

Sweet girl at the Open Door.
Peggy and her team at the Open Door. Thanks guys,
you were wonderful!

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Gledwood said...

I hope you make gerzillions of dollars out of your book. Or even better Euros as dollars ain't worth so much these days (gotta think international sales!!)

I'm writing my own memoirs but they're probably really boring haha!

Take care and here's wishing you all the best

vol 2