Friday, November 17, 2006

Glamour Shots Photo Shoot: More fun that I thought is would be! I was a nervous wreak before hand, picking out the outfits, shoes and jewelry that they kept calling me and reminding me not to forget! But it was great fun. The photographer was a sweetheart, working with me to contort into the poses she knew would work. They even did a few shots with a fan! (I didn't end up liking my hair blown back like that, but it felt like a modeling shoot.)

Armed with my new photos, I created a RomanceWiki profile, sent my wonderful agent, Wes, a copy with a short bio which he will use to add me to his site, and will be sending one to the publisher for the book cover! It's hard to believe that my writing dreams are coming true. I just hope and pray people love the books! Posted by Picasa

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